KAPRAS Int Inc. is a new partner for the new rules of modern business. We embrace an open way of working by bringing a diverse set of voices and technologies together. We collaborate closely, ideate freely and swiftly apply breakthrough innovations that drive exponential impact to change how business gets done.

We believe open ecosystems, open technologies, open innovation and open cultures are the key to creating opportunities and the way forward for modern business and for our world. Open technologies and open, collaborative approaches open up new business opportunities

KAPRAS Loop™ is the collaborative, hands-on approach at the heart of KAPRAS Consulting. It is the intersection of business strategy, design, technology, culture and innovation. Together we workshop the practices, develop the technologies and provide the expertise your business needs to help chart your transformation journey from ideation, to build, to scale. We bring an independent perspective to our clients that is aligned with their goals and unencumbered by competing interests of the numerous stakeholders involved with large capital projects.

KAPRAS’s business acumen, on-the-ground experience, and comprehensive knowledge of functional topics—such as organizational effectiveness, lean execution, supply-chain management, and risk management—uniquely positions us to support all entities involved in major projects, public- and private-sector project owners, investors, and contractors. We partner with clients across all aspects of project design and delivery and distressed project turnaround.


Email address: info@kapras.com
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